We are a team of specialist in solving business problems with technology. Our diverse expertise in the field will allow us to help solve your problems in the best possible way. Developers at Cryptech are obsessed with customer happiness.

Our Services 

We are the technology specialist you have been looking for!!

 Cloud solutions 

We are experts in developing solutions across all major clouds such as AWS, GCP, Azure, and Alibaba. Serverless design, cloud architecture, deployment or cost management, we are the one-stop solution for all your cloud problems.

Web Development

We are specialized in developing responsive and REST-based Web solutions. We take web development seriously. Responsiveness, scalability, maintainability, and adaptability are our mottos developing or designing web solutions.

Machine Learning

Our data scientist can visualize your data to increase your product value. We can build train ML models with your data and create services to use them on the go. We are also experts in developing Power BI And Tableau based solutions.

Social marketing

We provide services to promot your business. You can reach out to larger group of people and it will also help you to stay in the competetion.

System Integration

Need help with the integration of your system to CRM or ERP? We support multiple integration and migration services to keep up with constant changes.

Product Management

In addition to development we also provide product management services for your team. We will be responsible for managing all the PM activities for your team.


We believe in processes to make sure timely delivery and transparency


Our agile methods will allow keeping track of work internally within the team and for customers to track the progress.

Task Boards

We create special task boards for customer and client requirement communication using Trello and Jira boards.


Don't worry we are not going to leave you until we get it right. We provide a month of free maintenance after the project gets over. 

Meet our experts Team


SYSTEM Design Specialist (CANADA)




                  LEAD Developer                     (INDIA)

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Location:   India (Banglore, Pune, Ahmedabad). Canada (Vancouver and Toronto). USA (California)